Delta Reports

An SEC Delta Report identifies changes between two sequential SEC Filings of the same form type, currently available in annual 10-K's and quarterly 10-Q's. The filings are compared and changes in the text are highlighted and numbered in the Delta Report.

Subscribing to SEC Delta Reports serves as an efficiency tool where analysts can quickly scan large SEC filings with all changes highlighted for them with the previous filing's text next to the current filing.  Delta Reports can also reduce the risk that an analyst will miss out on important information and updates within these filings.

To view security level Delta Reports

To open a report, click a link in the Delta Report column.

To change the Delta Report display

  1. Clear the Annual Filings or Quarterly Filings checkbox to filter out that filing type.

  2. To retrieve expected reports, click the Expected checkbox.
    - and/or -
    To retrieve available reports, click the Available checkbox (the default).

  3. Select a date criteria from the first drop-down.

  4. Select a From and To month, day and year from the appropriate drop-downs.

  5. Click Go.

Note: Click a column header to resort the displayed data.

To download a Delta Report in a PDF format

Click the PDF icon in the Download column.

To print the Delta Report listing or report

To print the Delta Reports listing, click the Print icon above the listing.

To print a specific Delta Report, click the Print icon within the displayed report.